Community of Hope: A Look at Pathfinder International’s HoPE-LVB Project

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The Health of People and Environment in the Lake Victoria Basin (HoPE-LVB) project uses an integrated Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) approach with island and coastal communities in Kenya and Uganda. The project, managed by Pathfinder International and local partners, works to ensure that community members can access voluntary family planning and reproductive health services while also managing their natural resources in a way that safeguards their future. This video highlights the project and its activities – including how they aligned their program design with several of the High Impact Practices (HIPs) in Family Planning such as Community Health Workers, Community Group Engagement, and Policy. The video includes beautiful photography and footage of the Lake Victoria Basin region and has excerpts of community members describing the HIPs being used in the project.

Year: 2018

Source: Population Reference Bureau

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