PHE Voices: Stories from PHE Champions, Model Households, and Policy Makers in the Lake Victoria Basin of the East African Community

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These stories and photos are from policy makers and champions of an integrated approach to development known as Population, Health, and Environment (PHE), which focuses on the interconnectedness between human health and environmental health. PHE programs improve primary health care services such as family planning and reproductive health, while also helping communities conserve biodiversity, manage natural resources, and develop sustainable livelihoods. When these issues are addressed  simultaneously, communities thrive. This collection highlights the experiences of PHE stakeholders and champions in the Lake Victoria Basin.

The stories are an inspiration to anyone struggling to understand why PHE is important. Any donor or development partner who is looking for reasons to invest in PHE can find answers right here. For program designers and developers of integrated PHE  approaches, this collection provides an overview of key components to consider while designing your package.

Year: 2018

Source: Lake Victoria Basin Commission and the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project

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