Healthy People in a Healthy Environment: Impact of Integrated Population, Health, and Environment Program in Madagascar: Final Report

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This report summarizes the results of a five-year population, health, and environment (PHE) program in three environmental corridors and threatened ecosystems in Madagascar. This implementation science research was carried out by the Environmental Health Project (EHP) on behalf of USAID to “determine if activities implemented in an integrated manner achieved better results than if the activities were implemented separately.” The purpose of PHE programs is to target sector-specific projects to foster greater collaboration and amplify the integration of the activities to a more efficient level. The report compares the results from the post-intervention surveys and the baseline surveys to explore the idea that integrated programs are more effective than those with a single-sector approach. In this report 29 PHE indicators are included that clearly show higher outcomes in integrated communities than non-integrated ones.

Year: 2005

Source: USAID | Environmental Health Project

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