Health of People and the Environment: Lake Victoria Basin Project Baseline Study: Synthesis Report

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This is a report of the baseline data for the Health of People and Environment-LVB (HoPE-LVB) Project, led by Pathfinder International. The Project aims to provide underserved families and communities with knowledge and skills to improve reproductive health, reduce levels of poverty through livelihoods, and sustainably manage local natural resources. The survey found that community knowledge levels were high but practice levels were low for sectoral outcomes. Engagement in community groups was high, suggesting opportunities to implement value-added population, health, and environment (PHE) activities. The policy review found that policies encourage PHE integration, but lack structures to facilitate implementation across sectors. The participatory rural assessment yielded information on the potential ‘value-added’ that HoPE-LVB can generate, identifying increased income and access to quality health services as key priorities for the project and noting key challenges to uptake of positive health and conservation practices.

Year: 2013

Source: Pathfinder International

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