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Population Reference Bureau (PRB) coordinated a comparative study of population, health, and environment integration in East Africa. Teams from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda assessed the state of PHE integration in their respective countries, including identifying relevant stakeholders; assessing the policy environment for cross-sectoral collaboration; highlighting the most salient population, health, and environment issues; and describing the current state of integration among projects, programs, and policies. An assessment of this “state of integration” was undertaken by an interdisciplinary team led by Pro-Biodiversity Conservationists in Kampala, Uganda, to explore in more detail population-health-environment (PHE) interactions and the opportunities for and challenges of cross-sectoral collaboration and integrated programming in Uganda. This policy brief is based on the Uganda PHE Assessment written by Elady Muyambi of Pro-Biodiversity Conservationists in Uganda, with assistance from members of the Uganda PHE Assessment team. The methods used for this assessment include a review of relevant policies, laws, and project docu-ments; key information interviews; and field visits to case study sites. The Uganda PHE Assessment was made possible with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Year: 2009

Source: Population Reference Bureau

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