Population Dynamics and Biodiversity: A PSN Briefing Paper

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This briefing paper makes the links between population dynamics (including population growth, density and migration) with biodiversity loss and demands for food, energy, land and other natural resources. The combination of increasing population growth and consumption levels is changing the planet’s ecosystems at an unprecedented rate and scale, resulting in rates of biodiversity loss that pose a major threat to human well-being.

Integrated Population Health Environment (PHE) approaches combining conservation with reproductive health services can increase the effectiveness of biodiversity protection interventions and benefit both the health of local communities and the ecosystems upon which they depend.

As human rights-based programmes can positively influence population dynamics by empowering women and advancing reproductive health, the conservation sector should take a stronger advocacy role in acknowledging and addressing population dynamics as a key driver of biodiversity loss, by working across sectors to embrace integrated strategies that benefit both people and the environment.

Year: 2012

Source: Population & Sustainability Network

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