Assessing a Model of Sustainable and Comprehensive PHE in the Lake Victoria Basin of Western Kenya

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The USAID-funded Advancing Partners & Communities Project received funding for population, health, and environment (PHE) approaches in East Africa. The Nyanza Reproductive Health Society (NRHS) received an 18-month grant to pilot community PHE approaches in fragile ecosystems with at-risk populations in the Lake Victoria Basin region of Western Kenya. The NRHS team was tasked with creating a sustainable PHE model that integrates all PHE components—population (community-based family planning); health (linkages with the Kenyan health system); environment (conservation of fragile ecosystems, reforestation, beach management, etc.); and significant livelihoods components. This document details challenges, lessons learned and other takeaways regarding the sustainability of the activities.

Year: 2016

Source: Advancing Partners & Communities Project

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