Cross-Sector Responses to COVID-19: Guidance for PHE Network Members

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This technical guide, intended for NGO members of the Madagascar PHE Network, suggests a variety of community-based actions that can be taken according to the needs and capabilities of each organisation. Concise yet rich in content, the guide includes an overview of key information relating COVID-19 and the pandemic response strategies of the PHE network. Then it offers a selection of actions relevant to all organisations, followed by more in-depth actions and guiding principles for PHE implementers. Actions include cross-training staff to mobilise communities, supporting positive behaviour change and social norms around preventative practices, and strengthening local community structures while seeking to mitigate potential impacts on livelihoods and ecosystems. The guide concludes with an encouragement to NGO members to track all of their initiatives relating to COVID-19 so that the network can capture the value of a holistic PHE approach in responding to this pandemic and share best practices as they emerge.

Year: 2020

Source: Madagascar PHE Network

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