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This is the last issue of the USAID-funded Building Actors and Leaders for Advancing Community Excellence in Development (BALANCED) Project newsletter. It provides an overview of the Project’s best practices and lessons learned from promoting and strengthening capacity among population, health and environment (PHE) champions and implementing organizations, strengthening the global PHE community of practice and adapting and scaling-up PHE approaches in Africa and Asia. BALANCED worked to expand the number of organizations and practitioners using the PHE approach, tools and methodologies in countries with significant biodiversity and population pressures. BALANCED also trained over 2,000 people from eight countries in Africa and Asia. The BALANCED workshops and substantial post-training support and mentoring led 21 organizations in eight countries (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and the Philippines) to incorporate PHE tools and protocols into their work. The Project also developed or adapted 21 tools, methodologies, guides, curricula, and technical reports.

Year: 2013

Source: The BALANCED Project

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This issue of Outlook examines the relationships between family planning and the environment, including key lessons learned from integrated or linked family planning and conservation interventions. The author targets family planning practitioners who are seeking new ways of reframing a fundamental issue – how family planning and the environment relate within the context of well-being and promoting social equity. Case studies from projects in the Philippines and Uganda demonstrate the possibilities and challenges of operationally linking family planning and environmental interventions on the ground.

Year: 2010

Source: PATH | Outlook

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