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The purpose of the CoDriVE-PD tool is to enable communities to articulate their experience of how they are being impacted by climatic and non-climatic forces, identify and assess their areas of vulnerability or “development deficits” and encourage them to plan for and undertake adaptive actions to build resilience and reduce vulnerability. CoDriVE-PD is community-engaging, easy-to-use, sensitive enough to capture the different types and degrees of vulnerabilities across communities and regions, and it is oriented towards adaptive action. It has been rigorously tested and validated in different social, economic and agro-ecological contexts in four different Indian states. To support easy, quick, and large-scale application of this tool, Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) has developed a web-based software program that enables processing and analysis of key data with a view to generating a vulnerability profile as well as situation-specific adaptive actions to be undertaken.

Year: 2014

Source: Watershed Organization Trust

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