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We identify three categories of challenges that have to be addressed to maintain and enhance human health in the face of increasingly harmful environmental trends. Firstly, conceptual and empathy failures (imagination challenges), such as an over-reliance on gross domestic product as a measure of human progress, the failure to account for future health and environmental harms over present day gains, and the disproportionate effect of those harms on the poor and those in developing nations. Secondly, knowledge failures (research and information challenges), such as failure to address social and environmental drivers of ill health, a historical scarcity of transdisciplinary research and funding, together with an unwillingness or inability to deal with uncertainty within decision making frameworks. Thirdly, implementation failures (governance challenges), such as how governments and institutions delay recognition and responses to threats, especially when faced with uncertainties, pooled common resources, and time lags between action and effect.

Year: 2015

Source: The Rockefeller Foundation–Lancet Commission on Planetary Health

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Health of People and the Environment in the Lake Victoria Basin (HoPE-LVB) is an integrated population, health, and the environment (PHE) project in Kenya and Uganda that aims to reduce ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin, while increasing access to essential public health services in project communities, through promotion of multisectoral collaboration. This article presents findings from an internal evaluation using secondary analysis of service statistics, a quantitative household survey, a self-administered questionnaire with health-care providers, focus group discussions with community members, and key informant interviews with community members and policy makers in the project areas.

Year: 2019

Source: The Lancet Planetary Health

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