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The overall goal of the Sustaining Partnerships to Enhance Rural Enterprise and Agribusiness Development (SPREAD) Project (2006-2011) was “to provide rural cooperatives and enterprises involved in high-value commodity chains with appropriate technical assistance and access to health-related services and information that will result in increased and sustained incomes and improved livelihoods.” SPREAD was a unique example of integrated programming within USAID, a “wraparound” project that receives funding across several technical areas in Health and Economic Growth. SPREAD’s design had its roots in the Population, Health and Environment (PHE) approach to development, which promotes multisectoral collaboration or “integration” to create synergy and improve project outcomes across programs, particularly at the community level. This evaluation reveals stakeholder perceptions of the integrated approach, shares successes, challenges and lessons learned, and makes recommendations to inform future funding of integrated programming.

Year: 2010

Source: Public Health Institute | United States Agency for International Development

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