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In 2022, Knowledge SUCCESS collaborated with 128 Collective (formerly Preston-Werner Ventures) and USAID, to conduct a rapid stock-taking exercise to document the sustained impact of a cross-sectoral integrated Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) project. That exercise resulted in a learning brief that shares the lessons and learnings about scale-up and sustainability of the Health of People and Environment-Lake Victoria Basin (HoPE-LVB) project activities in Kenya and Uganda since project closure in 2019.

Webinar panelists, representing community groups, organizations, networks, and government, shared their unique experiences on how HoPE-LVB activities have continued and been adapted from their perspective.

Year: 2023

Source: Knowledge SUCCESS

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The Health of People and Environment–Lake Victoria Basin (HoPE–LVB), a cross-sectoral integrated Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) effort implemented by Pathfinder International and a range of partners in Kenya and Uganda during 2011-2019, aimed to improve interconnected health, environment, and development challenges in an ecologically biodiverse region. After an external evaluation in 2018 documented the results of the project, partners and donors were interested in learning about the ongoing sustainability of the project activities to draw lessons for designing future projects. Therefore in 2022, USAID through the Knowledge SUCCESS project, collaborated with a philanthropic partner, Preston-Werner Ventures, to conduct a rapid stock-taking exercise to explore the successes, challenges, and opportunities in scaling-up and sustaining the cross-sectoral programming. This learning brief features the voices from a range of stakeholders that were involved in the project to share their perspectives and knowledge on the scale-up and sustainability of HoPE-LVB activities.

Year: 2022

Source: Knowledge SUCCESS

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This booklet summarizes the journey of Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) in the Philippines. Synthesizing decades of leadership and learnings from PHE programs led by local and regional experts, it highlights key projects and milestones and summarizes lessons learned and key themes that have emerged during the last two decades. This resource is intended to serve as a practical guide for others interested in PHE implementation, including program managers, technical advisors, or policymakers in the Philippines and around the world.

Year: 2021

Source: Knowledge SUCCESS and PATH Foundation Philippines, Inc.

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