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The first PHE workshop for Tanzania and other East African countries was held in June 2005 in Kigoma. It was jointly hosted by EngenderHealth/ACQUIRE Project and JGI/TACARE Project, and attended by 45 participants from East Africa and Madagascar. The goals of the workshop were to: (1) develop both a conceptual framework for PHE integration and an implementation strategy, and (2) develop a clear definition of the programmatic value-added and expected outcomes from implementing an integrated PHE approach. Workshop discussions focused on four areas: justifying, explaining, and clarifying the rationale and concepts that underlie PHE integration; receiving and discussing local and international (mainly Madagascar) experiences, including past, current and planned activities and case studies to illustrate and confirm the practical feasibility of PHE integration programs; practicing application of the theoretical and field experiences through small working group sessions; and discussing and clarifying plans for follow-up actions to move PHE integration forward in Tanzania and beyond.

Year: 2005

Source: EngenderHealth | Jane Goodall Institute

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