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Gender and health experts from Hen Mpoano participate in a webinar discussion of their population, health, and environment (PHE) activities in rural coastal communities in Ghana.

The webinar’s conversation focused on questions such as:

  • Which communication tools and collaborative approaches were most effective for delivering the Hen Mpoano project’s PHE outcomes?
  • To what extent did the project achieve its objectives and how is Hen Mpoano sustaining achievements beyond the project’s lifetime?
  • What additional lessons learned could other PHE projects and organizations interested in the approach take from this experience?

Year: 2020

Source: Population Reference Bureau

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    After leading implementation of the USAID-funded Integrated Coastal and Fisheries Governance (ICFG) Initiative for the Western Region of Ghana, Hen Mpoano became a registered nonprofit organization with a mission towards continuing many of the initiatives related to coastal and marine governance begun under the project. These story maps illustrate some of the work that has been done under various Hen Mpoano-led initiatives to conserve wetlands and sustainably manage small-scale fisheries in the region.

    Year: 2018

    Source: Hen Mpoano

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