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The assessment reviews the results of in-country USAID PHE projects, especially on increasing access to quality family planning/reproductive health (FP/RH) products and services; determines USAID and the office of Population and Reproductive Health’s (PRH) role in providing technical leadership; identifies barriers and challenges facing the portfolio; and makes suggestions for USAID‘s follow-on strategy for PHE. Among the findings: PHE program results clearly make some contributions to the overall objectives. PHE programs may be particularly useful in facilitating partnership building and leveraging funds from non-USAID sources and may be avenues to learning how best to provide family planning to youth and males. The assessment identifies principal barriers related to inadequate funding, which in turn is linked to the complexity of integrated efforts; the limited evidence base for the integrated PHE program model; and the growing but still limited capacity to implement PHE field programs.

Year: 2007

Source: Global Health Technical Assistance Project

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