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April 14, 2021

Why Population Matters

This report focuses on how population impacts many aspects of our lives, including issues as diverse as poverty, health, education, water, and forests.

April 13, 2021

Scaling Up Community Forest Enterprises in Tanzania

We present three emerging sustainable community forest enterprises that have delivered important social, economic and conservation benefits, and explore options for scaling up these approaches across Tanzania and elsewhere.

April 5, 2021

Opportunities in Population and Health for Community Forest User Groups in Nepal

A report that builds off evaluation findings of gaps, opportunities, lessons, and practices specific to the PHE approach in the Nepal SAGUN PHE project and focuses on PHE recommendations for Nepal moving forward.

Nepal Natural Resource User Groups/Population, Health, and Environment Assessment: Final Report

This report focuses on the results of a USAID/Nepal funded project, Strengthening Actions for Good Governance and Utilization of Natural Resources (SAGUN) in various forested regions of Nepal.

Linking Population, Health and the Environment: an Overview of Integrated Programs and a Case Study in Nepal

This review describes the general structure of PHE programs and provides examples to highlight various aspects of this approach. It focuses on a case study from the Integrating Population and Health into Forestry Management Agendas program in Nepal that addressed deforestation from fuel-wood harvesting, indoor air pollution from wood fires, acute respiratory infections related to smoke inhalation, as well as family planning in communities in Nepal’s densely populated forest corridors.

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