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In 2017, the Evidence to Action (E2A) Project (2011–present), with support from USAID, launched “Building Resilience through Strengthening and Integrating Reproductive Health and Family Planning in Niger” (RISE-FP) in the Sahel to integrate quality family planning (FP) programming into the RISE initiative.

USAID solicited the project to integrate quality family planning programming into the 2014 RISE initiative, a groundbreaking initiative with multiple partners that focused on building the resilience of chronically vulnerable households in targeted agro-pastoral and marginal agriculture zones in Niger and Burkina Faso through economic empowerment, strengthening governance, and improving health and nutrition.

As part of the RISE-FP project, E2A proposed to pilot and document an innovative FP and resilience intervention built on the concepts of integration and partnership between the health and non-health sectors. Although the intervention was relatively small in scale in comparison to that of E2A and RISE activities across the region, its significance is substantial.

Year: 2020

Source: Pathfinder International

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