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13 de junho de 2022

Documentário PHE

This video, produced through the National Council for Population and Development in Kenya, documents the PHE programming in the country, specifically the work happening in Homabay, Nakuru, and Kilfi counties. […]

14 de abril de 2021

Como os projetos de população, saúde e meio ambiente podem aprender com as práticas de alto impacto do planejamento familiar?

This webinar, hosted by the PACE (Policy, Advocacy, and Communication Enhanced for Population and Reproductive Health) project and the Implementing Best Practices Initiative Secretariat, explores how HIPs can be applied in development programs that integrate multiple sectors at the community level, including family planning.

13 de abril de 2021

Resumo da Pesquisa: Avaliando os Benefícios da Integração de Planejamento Familiar e Atividades de Gestão Ambiental – Lições Aprendidas nas Filipinas

This brief summarizes a study conducted in the Philippines by Pollnac and Dacanay in 2011, which assessed the benefits of the Integrated Population and Coastal Resource Management (IPOPCORM) project, an integrated population and environment (PE) project implemented by PATH Foundation Philippines Inc.(PFPI) in the Visayan region of the Philippines.

5 de abril de 2021

Ligando População, Saúde e Meio Ambiente na Província de Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

This brief explores the evolution of cross-sectoral approaches and projects linking family planning, health, and environment efforts in Fianarantsoa province, Madagascar.

2 de abril de 2021

Gestão Integrada de Recursos Costeiros e Saúde Humana Gera Valor Agregado: Um Estudo Comparativo em Palawan (Filipinas)

This peer-reviewed journal article on the value added of PHE approaches describes a quasi-experimental design used by the IPOPCORM project in the Philippines to test the hypothesis that there will be a significant improvement in both coastal resource management (CRM) and human reproductive health (RH) outcomes by delivering these services in an integrated manner as opposed to delivering either in isolation.

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