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marzo 2, 2022

La solución de salud y educación de Drawdown: los beneficios en cascada del acceso a la educación universal y la planificación familiar voluntaria

This policy brief discusses how universal access to quality education and voluntary family planning services are not only essential human rights and cornerstones of gender equality, but also can contribute […]

noviembre 5, 2021

Educación de las niñas y planificación familiar: componentes esenciales de la adaptación y resiliencia climática

Today, both universal education and sexual and reproductive health and rights are severely underfunded, particularly for women and girls in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs). Dedicating climate adaptation financing […]

abril 14, 2021

Por qué importa la población

This report focuses on how population impacts many aspects of our lives, including issues as diverse as poverty, health, education, water, and forests.

abril 13, 2021

La economía de la política de población para la reducción de las emisiones de carbono en los países en desarrollo

This paper considers the economic case for increasing financial support for female education and family planning from resources devoted to carbon emissions abatement.

marzo 24, 2021

Modelo de Planificación Familiar-Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (PM-ODS)

The FP-SDGs Model is an evidence-based advocacy tool that projects medium- and long-term effects of three different family planning scenarios, capturing the significant impact that contraceptive use has on SDG achievement.